Mic, check, check…hello?

This is my first post. Actually I never thought about to make a blog. I always talked about what I saw, what I did or where I will go.

the best is yet to come

But first, who am I? Good question. I am Kerstin Liwayway Rexrodt. In Germany / Berlin everybody calls me Kerstin and in Asia “Lee” – there are too many misunderstandings and too many double bookings happened with my first name. Trust me, it happens!

Asia & Berlin? I live in two Cities, Berlin and Manila. I am half Filipina and half German. Maybe a little bit Chinese flows in my blood, maybe. 😉

Double Bookings? Centuries ago I used to model. Yep, even with 1,66m / 1,67m / 1,68m (depends how tall I had to be – lol)

Double Bookings now? Cannot happen anymore. I changed my work. I switched to behind the camera. The love belongs still to film, the stories and how to frame a picture / scene. I believe I am good 1.Assistant Director, always thinking ahead and to be the best buddy, nanny, psychologist and event manager for the director and the crew. The next step will be to become a director myself – by heart.

How to combine two countries, two traditions and culture? I try to understand and accept these two beautiful countries. It’s always a learning progress. Every city and country has its best to show and to find. Berlin is my city but the Philippines is my country and I love both with every heartbeat.

What I want to tell you? Life, love, passion, my work, behind the scene, people…ah so many things to say.


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