Usually I leave my home country only for work and combine it with pleasure. Singapore for work but pleasure to shop and meet friends. Indonesia also for work but surfing in Bali!

But this time I took it really seriously. Coming from hell of work, back to back shootings since february, a funeral and upcoming weddings, I felt stressed, sad and overworked. I was just functioning but not with my heart anymore. I didn’t hear my inner selve. That is bad…but a good start to change things. So I asked a friend of mine who’s the owner of a beautiful house near Athens if I can have the house for a short stay and suddenly I saw myself in the airplane (and I’m so afraid of flying) and heading to the most popular country right now in Europe. Since I knew it could be a little bit stressy since the political crisis was going on, I was more curious how this country is doing right now. Of course I was worried as a half german if the greek people would welcome germans nicely. Since our Minister of Finance Mr Schäuble has not a lot of fans around there. 😉

My friend told me that he was just a week ago in Greece he wasn’t able anymore to withdraw money at the atm. The government closed all banks and atm’s. So I brought alooooot of cash with me.

After three hours flight from Hamburg to Athens I finally arrived in the heat. Hello sun! Oh and hello strike. Train strike, Trash strike…great. So I had to figure out how to go from Athens to Kineta by bus. Not to forget to tell that I was a little bit tipsy…well, I mentioned that I’m afraid of flying, right? hahaha.

To be honest, I can’t really tell how I got to Kineta but I believe the view was beautiful. I think.

Kineta is just an hour drive from Athens away. And trust me, it’s not Athens! I’m in the province. How fascinating! The cute little typical greek house and its 20 olive trees, 5 cats and a turtle called “Napoleon” got me from the minute I entered this small paradise.

The mother of my friend welcomed me very friendly. She is the most heartwarming I ever met the last few months. And I took every love I needed.

After having quick lunch and a very nice chat I went to bed to rest. That was around 4pm. I woke up the next day at 8am!!! I literally slept 16hours!!!!!!! Wow. I never done that before, I think, my body really needed it.


One thought on “Greece

  1. Thanks for liking my post and the info about Greece! Some friends had discussed travelling there but sounds like it may be tense right now! Fingers crossed the situation gets better- 1 of my Greek friends just went home! P.S. I’m from Singapore- hope you enjoy it there 🙂

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