Greece – Kineta Beach or vitamin SEA is good for me


Just a footstep away is the beach. A small alley guides me to a beautiful view. Wow! A white pebblebeach and clear blue water welcomes me.

I look to the left and unfortunately the 6km long beach is packed with swimmers but also their cars in some parts are parked on the beach! Well, it’s the weekend.

Greek families brought their own foldings chairs, umbrellas, a lot of food, more children, relatives and all of them are loud. I think it’s just my point of view that they are loud. I believe it’s their mentality. They are just loud and happy in chatting.

At the thougt of an another I think of the crisis. Seeing happy people I don’t feel the crisis here around. What are these people in normal life? Do they have jobs? And if, can they do their job right now? How can they survive without withdrawing money?

Then I look to my back and it hits me. A beautiful extraordinary view shows me the Geranion mountain-pine of Greece. Speechless. A moment of happiness.

I had to learn to go with swimshoes in to the water. Be aware of sea urchin!!! If I would have an underwater camera I would show it to you. Dozens of small brown sea urchins.

But once I was in the water…hmmm….thank god for vitamin sea! Clearwater, fishes are around me and my goggles to watch the underwater paradise. Happy, thank you, more please!


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