It’s always a pleasure to work with you

I just took a look at my recent pictures from different shootings. And I totally forgot how many shoots I was allowed to attend to work with amazing people. But hey, I’ve been for more ten years in the filmindustrie so of course a lot of shoot come together.


For example this big mess: FANTASTIC!!! We had so much fun shooting this commercial in Berlin. Actually it was a scene for a car commercial. The big fun was also to shoot again on FILM! Yes, I had the opportunity and so this shoot was very special to me. We had all cameras with us 35mm, 16mm and 8mm.


This was also a car commercial but with an olympic star. Don’t ask me the idea of an olympic star and a car but it works. =)


This was a music video from one of my favorite directors in Berlin. It was a very technical and tricky shoot. The double of the singer was completely in a special mask and had to dub voice the song too. The special effect team (who were also involved in the movie “hansel and gretel”) made a great job and the double too!



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