Athina, Athens, Athen: TOP OF THE CITY

Travel. That’s actually enough said. =)
SPOILED for choices, that’s how I felt in Athens. For me it was challenging what to choose, what to see, where to go and where do I begin???

Try the secret not to do everything, especially in the heat. It’s not worth it. I took the touristic highlights, 4 liters of water, a new hat, suncream, my greece birkenstocks and my camera. Let’s go!

First, where to stay? Easy! Instead of taking an expensive hotel I booked over airbnb a fantastic apartment just for 50Euros at Mary’s place in Miaouli just at the train station Monastiraki. It’s a flea market neighborhood in the old town of Athens. Restaurants, Coffee Shops, free wifi, clothing boutiques and a lot of tourist shops to find. Perfect!


The Acropolis should be always the first thing on your list. Since I had only one day stay in Athens, I picked this ancient highlight. Taking the marble steps up to graceful Parthenon, I felt full of awe. The view from up here is astounding, with the city sprawling as far as the eye can see.

Acropolis 1

Acropolis 2

Acropolis 4


The greek spirit continues. “Agora” in Greek literally means “a place of gathering” and the Agora of Athens was the heart of Athenian life in Ancient times. It was the meeting point where ordinary citizens bought and sold goods, politics were discussed and ideas were passed among great minds like Aristotle and Plato.

Agora 1

Some of the world’s most important ideas were born and perfected within the confines of the Athenian Agora including, famously, the concept of democracy.


was built around 150 BC and was reconstructed in the 1950’s in order to shelter the artifacts that were unearthed from the surrounding area. Beside the Acropolis I felt here the Greek Spirit. I was again so speechless that people already built this thousands of years ago.



Athens Nightlife 2

Did I mention that my airbnb host Mary lives in the heart of everything? Yes. Miaouli Street – yes, it’s the perfect street to bar hop, to eat, smoke shisha…alot of families, tourists and groups of friends enjoying the street full of tables and having Mousaka, Saganaki, Calamari and endless amounts of baked goods and souvlaki. A perfect ending for a perfect short trip in Athens!

Athens Nightlife 7


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