Me in a funky castle

I went recently on a funny location Recce. I got a job offer to work with an Asian production house to work with.
Germany is known for castle. Yep we have a lot of castles.

And this time I was allowed to meet the fantastic water castle Bückeburg near the city of Hannover.

The castle used to be the residence of the princes of Schaumburg-lippe. And this palace exists since 1302.

The palace and its big mausoleum is open for the public and for us!

We went to the castle’s room and I had no words. The grand ballroom in pink marble, the golden hall, the hunters room and more and more doors I had opened, more luxurious rooms and paintings I explored.

Bückeburg has features typical of Renaissance period.

 I felt like a princess!  

The mausoleum, a domed building of 42m height, lies just a 5min walk from the palace. Actually we wanted to go to the forest to see some locations which are possibly to shoot. And then we saw the huge mausoleum. We gave a cute excuse to enter this building, no it’s a monument! It is the largest privately owned funerary in the world and still used as family burial place.

If you want to make a tour to the water castle bückeburg, click here on the link. The entrance fee is affordable (5-6€) and the castle has a fantastic cafe and restaurant! Try their menus, it’s delicious!

Oh and one more thing, unfortunately you’re not allowed to take pictures. But if you pay 5€ no one will stalk you 😉

And here is the link of the filmmaking post: PRINCESS IN RUBBERSHOES


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