Usedom – Icelandic Horse

To ride an iclandic horse…well, you need to know how, right?

I had no clue how to ride a horse. Especially I’m so spoiled with film horses – they don’t care at all what’s around them. And on the same time I was really scared of horses. When I was 4years old no one told me how to feed a horse. And the horse didn’t tell me either. So my hand and the grass was in the mouth of the horse. Thanks for the memory. More than 30years later I visit my best friend on the Island Usedom and want to watch her horseback riding, suddenly I see myself on a Icelandic horse. And I was not scared at all!!!!!! My healing started…

Yep, there are also smaaaaall shetland ponys…his name is grisu…just for SMALL people. Hahaha.

Ute, my trainer, she told me to combine yoga with horseback riding. “Just breath, give yourself and the horse the respect.” I think this is a nice idea.

And here we go. Me on a horse. I don’t know why but Ute the trainer was a great psychological wonderful trainer to me, she showed me that my fear was only in my head.   FEEL, BREATH AND UNDERSTAND and I started to understand.

After my first training Ute told me that I could horseback ride the next time with her in the forest….aaaaah but that’s an another adventure.

Today my back and my legs hurts.

Please visit Ute’s nice little farm. She just moved to this farm. So not everything is set up.


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