My life in a pink bathtub

I just took a look through my archive of photos. Sometimes I totally forget how many shootings I had. This photos were taken in 2012. I thought it was last year. Hahaha.

We shot 2012 this music video for a famous german singer. And I think this was a very funny shoot.

Pink Bathtubs, Women with Balls on their head, fancy colors and a lot of haze…craaaazy! But fun.

Actually I don’t have anything important to say. I just wanted to share with you this funny pics:


No, that’s not me.



No that’s not me either


Techno Crane…love it!


Island in the sun!


That’s a mermaid


YES! That’s me!!! Sitting, waiting and giving commands to the crew!

Sometimes I just love what I do.


Speechless…I know, I can understand you. Crazy idea. I go back to my photo archive and search for more shootings. Maybe I find witches…



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