Hidden Treasure List – Boat, Spa and inner love – SEAHOTEL NEUKLOSTER

Once in awhile you need to do what you have to do: REST

After eight weeks straight of work (with no weekend in between) i had to turn off my cellphone and go out of crazy Berlin. My destination was Seehotel Neukloster!

In the middle of nowhere i hoped to find inner peace, sleep and to recharge my batteries. I was really on low battery.

In Germany there is a saying “If you change your Place you will change the luck”

So here I am standing infront of a former Farmers house and start my little holiday of peace.

Time…yes, that’s what i needed for myself

The Suite

I was amazed what was hidden behind the newly made cottage house…a two storey suite.  

The light concept in all the buildings were fantastic…modern but not too fancy.

The rooms are combined with traditional and modern furniture in bright friendly colors.

Ok, sorry, I didn’t make my bed. I was in a hurry going to the spa for my massage. Please forgive me.

The lake and the garden 

Around 1000sqm you can walk around the main house and find everywhere a hidden treasure. Either it’s a boat on the sea, a hammock or roof wicker beach chairs even in kids size.  

The hotel is an Oase of quietness. 

I think these were the last golden October days in the north. And I felt lucky.

The only that I listened to was Mother Nature. The sound of the floating lake, the birds flying around and some fishes coming up to get some air.

This is a good place to let your mind flow, to recharge your batteries and think what you want in life. I felt inner happiness and was very thankful.

The restaurant 

Delicious! Unbelievable! 

The owners work with several farmers and get their ingredients fresh served. 


home baked bread in all varieties, Mueslis (fresh of course), Apple & Ginger Jam (home made) 

Parma ham you can cut yourself off the bone

All kinds of eggs made to order

really fresh food 

the cheeses are all unpasteurised


A nice and airy wintergarden with piano music


Celery-pear soup with sclices of duck and a plum! Wonderful!!!


The color of autumn. Love it. 


The spa

The spa has a great indoor swimming pool, 2 aromatherapy sauna and a 90degree sauna. Plus a sauna garden and a room to rest. I thought it could have been also huge white furnished living room. All over are big windows, so the sun shines in whereever you are.    

 I felt very relaxed after having a great Ayurveda foot massage. I had a good nap. 


In the Summertime you can do also:

Fishing, horseback riding, Tennis, Visit the monastery in neukloster, biking in the forest or just enjoy the beautiful nature of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern!

Visit the Hotel neuklostersee – if you need peace, great Food,love and spa…here you go!


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