Filming with elephants…oh no it’s trucks 

TBT…well, may 2015.

One of my funny directors did in may this year a commercial ad in the south of Germany.

I hardly work in the south of Germany, so I was really happy to work in my hometown Stuttgart and to visit as well my family. And not to mention that in the south the weather is muuuuuch better than in the north.

When the production office told me that it would be for a car company with the famous star, I was super excited. But, ahm,  I was surprised when it was a product on wheels but not that kind what I expected…no cars…it was trucks! Elephants!

2015-04-21 13.38.41

Well, to film with trucks is not really different to cars, they’re just huge!

But like with a car commercial you need also two trucks. One for exterior and the other one for interior filming. Usually you never get a car/truck what has the specific and needed interior or exterior. So we cheat!

But first: let’s clean.

2015-04-21 13.01.43

In the meantime we talk with the director, the cameraman and the client about the interview questions, the route on the autobahn and the shots we need to film.

I had to do organize with the production the all the locations, the call sheet, the hotels and the shooting list. Since we were just a small crew I did also the job from the production manager.

2015-04-21 11.38.54 HDR

We shot two days at the company with the big famous star. And I never seen so many trucks. Even women drove trucks! Don’t get me wrong…usually I see only men driving a big truck but women a very seldom to see. Just imaging me driving this elephant in a parking lot! Pah I would never make it.

2015-04-21 13.38.20

All and all we were really lucky with this shoot. We had great weather, the team spirit was great, the hotel was bad as hell but we laughed a lot.


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