My funny adcampaign

Don’t you forget sometimes what happened just four weeks ago? Especially when you have a busy schedule? Or you do too many things in the same time?

If I would not take a lot of pictures of my shootings or write down in my calendar what I’ve done I would be lost. (Trust me in private life I’m not so super organized with my schedules). Especially in the high season of the film industry (what is usually around from March til November) I have a lot of back-to-back ad campaigns to shoot.

Once a year I agree also to shoot a feature film but I’d rather film commercials. Of course my heart always belongs to film but with commercials I have the opportunity to shoot a lot more different topics!

Car commercials, beauty commercials, funny commercials, food commercials, aaaah so many topics and a lot of different locations all over the world to film.

My curiosity is my inner driver!

This time we had a great shoot. Ok, two months ago. Sorry but like I said, in the high season of filming there’s less time to write about.

So this time we shot a commercial at the Cinegate studios in Berlin.  

It was a commercial for the famous “star”. Maybe you got the clue what I mean.

Usually I’m not a big fan to film in studios. You enter the studio early in the morning and in the evening I go out and see the darkness again. But hey, work is work! And we had still a lot of fun.

It was a simple shoot, two actors, a fence and the product and alooooot of props. We had to shoot different seasons with sunlight, wind and fog.

For the season autumn we had a big windmachine and a lot of leaves. So just imagine the combination of wind and leaves: a big mess!

We had to help the art department to clean the studio. All over were leaves! And we were already running kinda late. It was very funny to see the whole crew cleaning!

The challenge was also that the three commercials are funny. So shooting funny adcampaign are mostly funny but you have to think seriously if they’re funny enough for the viewer.

The right timing in comedy is always important. If you miss the point of funniness the whole concept is gone. To make it short, you missed the laughing moment.

So the question was, can this both actors make this joke work? Especially in 20seconds?

Yes they made it! It took us a lot of rehearsals and takes but with right props, the right move or an absurd way of acting and also in the same trying to act serious, a beautiful ad was created.

Maybe in my next post I will send you a link!



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