Playful filming

This shoot was just week ago. So I try to update my blog as soon as I can. The beauty of filmmaking is, there are so many topics in this funny film industry. 

This time I was asked to join a shoot for a tv series for kids! I was so excited to hear that we will play the whole day. Ok, not me, the kids were allowed to play.

My production manager, with whom I would love to work all the time, welcomed me in the production office as usual with his home slippers. I don’t know why he wears this kind of slippers but don’t we all have funny habits?! 

One of the funny part was, that the main actor is not really a human being. So let me introduce you Luca the host.

The kids had to play in a box. But just their head and hands were only allowed to see on screen. They had to play different games within 30-45seconds. And trust me, speaking as an adult the games weren’t that easy but very funny.

But somehow the crew got a little childish…including me. I’m not sure why, maybe because we were stucked in a studio, or we just also wanted to play watching kids playing the whole day.

I think we were just a very happy team! Lol. (Including the kids!)

Look at me, checking something in the box. One of the producers took this shot. Love it! Thanks for this picture!!!

Oh and we had a drone for our opening scene. Always nice to include in a shoot this nice toy. I hardly work with a drone. In Germany it’s almost everywhere forbidden to let a drone fly, unless you have a official permission to let it fly.

Thank you to the team and the fantastic ideas – it was such a wonderful shoot. 
Happy, thank you more please!


One thought on “Playful filming

  1. I love your post. I suddenly felt nostalgic, and remembered the time when I was young. It really went too fast. We adults should remember to be childlike sometimes, we can get too serious easily.

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