The princess in rubber shoes – filming in a cinderella castle

Honestly, sometimes I wish I could be a princess for one day.

No, I was joking. Not in the world I want to be a princess. Ok, you cannot choose in which family you will be born in but in life you always can choose where to go or if you take a left or right.

So on my side, I decided to do this project. It was a japanese tv commercial in a german castle. To make the story short: The modern version of Cinderella…with a lot of shoes!!!

If you ever want to see this castle, feel free to visit. In one of my last post “ME IN A FUNKY CASTLE” I wrote already about this beautiful castle

So here we go, the famous pink marble hall. Don’t you think it’s beautiful?

And here is the art department team. They are fixing a table. Look at the background – SHOES! And this were just a few.

Shoes, shoes, shoes…

more shoes…god we went crazy.

In the meantime the artist got ready from the make up artist. Because we were almost “ready to shoot”.

Sorry for this kinda abstract picture. I tried to take a picture of the monitor.

Look at this beautiful painting and the wall. Please don’t  think that I’m not working. I do! But sometimes when Director of Photography tells his Crew to change the lense or his light department to change little bit the light setting, I have time to make a quick shot.

Here you can see the full beauty of this room. And a lot of dresses!!!

Aaaaand lunch break.

I’m not really sure what our driver was thinking…but her mobile office looks great.

After lunch, let’s go back to work. This is also one of my duties. Look at the clock and tell the team to work and kick ass nicely. It’s always hard after lunch to work again. Not only in the film business – you get sleepy after lunch. Totally normal.

Rehearsal! 4…3…2..1! Action!

The Diamant Effect always useful for a beauty commercial and a simple but effective tool for the filmmakers.

Next shooting / filming day, next set up. The golden room. Before everyone of the film crew starts there is mostly one department ahead of us – The art department. Right after the Light Department. Or sometimes the other way around. Depends on the Set up.

Do you see me? Ok, i am hiding myself…hahaha.

Then we had a change of location – the forest. A location move always takes a little bit time. It always depends where the location is. The light, grip, camera department have to put all their film equipment into the trucks – drive to the location – park at the location – and then put all the equipment out which is needed for the filming.

So actually now we are filming the start of the story of the commercial. The girl sits in a carriage, around her is fog, and she sees the castle and looks out of the window. Sounds simple, right?

So there’s a carriage with horses…

…and a big wind machine and fog machine…oh and the director enjoying this huge machine…

…and behind the camera the agency and the client….

What you always don’t see, is, that around 100 people are behind the camera who are involved in different things to make, with their special skills and knowledge, to make this project happen…and me in between who coordinates with the production team these people.

And honestly, who wants to work in high heels in the forest? Not even a princess. Hahaha.

Happy – Thank you – more please!


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