German Culture – Returnable bottles to hang on  

In Germany we have a special system with bottles. Every bottle you buy you pay additional deposit of around 15-30cents. The reason for this is that the government  decided a unique process.

Recycling is the magic word! 

These (plastic / glass) bottles which get mashed up and recycled / melted down in a facility to make new bottles.

So, YES, these bottles are worth money!

If you return the empty bottles back to the supermarket you get your deposit back.

Since I am living in Berlin, people like to drink a lot and just also going out for a walk, a bottle of beer is always a good companion. Lol.

But mostly people don’t return their returnable bottles back to the supermarkets and just leave it at the street, hoping one of the homeless people will grab them and return it to the stores. Actually this is a great idea.

A lot of homeless people collect bottles on the streets of Berlin and return them.

Today I saw this at the train station of Berlin spandau. It’s a hanger for empty bottles:

I think this is a great idea!

So People can just collect them and bring it to stores.

BUT you have to look for these signs on the bottles: “Mehrwegflasche”or “Pfand”

Then you get a certain amount back. If you don’t find any of this on it then be so kind and bring it to some containers which are marked in colors (like the bottles): green, brown and white.



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