My favorite Fabric – TANTJE BAGS to go

You should get this bags! Seriously. No I am not a person standing on a market and screaming at you to get this bag. But I would. Lol. No I think, you find me at the speakers corner in London talking about bags. Hahaha.

ANYWAY, may I introduce you my newest treasure: TANTJE – Yes please – Click on the link! It will surprise you what a combination of  Scandinavian Style and greek pattern / design can bring on a specific fabric a fabulous bag.

And just to let you know, no, I don’t get money for this article. I just believe these bags are great.


Tantjes first thought of the bag was to organize her own stuff. Especially the owner, Antje Huchel, is a Make up Artist for Movies and TV Series. She always needed for her Make up different bags for different Shows and Shootings.


But this bag is not just an ordinary bag. Sorry, than i would not even write about this bags. Of course all the bags have great colors and designs BUT every bag has also a lining, some of them inner pockets AND all bags are mostly made of waxed cloth! Meaning, all bags are water resistant.

For me it’s a great idea. Bags made of waxed cloth. Especially me, working in countries where rain is a usual thing like United Kingdom, Germany ore even some parts of Asia where the Taifun/Monsum is a seasonal guest.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-22 um 13.56.39

For example this bag: Mrs Poppig

Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-22 um 13.57.19

Or Dotty: I like all the designs, even the zipper is colorful and matches the design of the bag.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-22 um 13.57.06

Cream: One word: coolness!!!

Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-22 um 13.56.47

And this is my favorite: You can get this bag in every size you want. A bronze highlighted bag with mint colored zipper: COPPER


Honestly, I use these bags – yes, I got all of them – I use them for my shootings on set and of course for my private use.

Just yesterday I dropped one of these bags in the snow. But hey, I was not panicking. And why? They are water resistant.

Maybe you need a great gift for Valentines Day, for a birthday, maybe you’re also a make up artist or even just for yourself – I believe I made a great decision in buying all of them.

Hahaha. Ok, girls joke.

Please take a look at – you won’t regret it. Tantje has also other designs, bags and also if you want a special bag created from your own – tantje can help creating it in her great studio in cologne.


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