Liwayway means sunrise/sunset 

People from the north part of Germany always tell me that the sunrise and especially the sunsets are the most beautiful thing what nature can offer you. And yes, it’s true. 

After a five week stay in the Philippines I am back in good old and cold germany. The time difference and the immense weatherchange is quite difficult for me. Still I’m missing the warm weather and the very friendly people from Davao city. 

But the sunset what is in the Philippines called “Liwayway” (=dawn) reminds me even here in the northern part of Germany near Kiel of the Philippines. So many colors and in different shades that I can’t even count how many colors I see. But it’s beautiful. Whenever I see a beautiful sky I feel happiness. Don’t you feel the same?

My second name is Liwayway. And where ever I see the sunset I am also there. Here and now. 



4 thoughts on “Liwayway means sunrise/sunset 

  1. Kamusta?? Lol
    I’m from Manila and have been here in Canada for the last 12 years. Davao, though a city, is very different from Manila. You have cleaner air! 😉

    It’s funny, but I have forgotten what Liwayway means. This is one of the deeper forms of Tagalog and I only heard my Grandma talk with such lingo! You’ll always bring in the new dawn. =)

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