My private meal kit. So fresh and so clean!

Usually I don’t write reviews. But lately people are asking me about my opinion about food, meals for dinner/lunch…what would or could I recommend for busy or stressed out people to eat healthy also when you had no time to go to the grocery. I do love cooking but I need the time  and sometimes I don’t have the time.

So I tried hellofresh. First I was just curious about the system and also because my favorite cook Jamie Oliver includes his recipes in this box. They offer both omnivore and vegetarian options, with farm-fresh ingredients, chef-inspired recipes, and flexible subscriptions.

I ordered for a trial a classic box for three meals. I was super exited! The concept says that you get all the ingredients for all three meals in one box!

So I waited.

Unfortunately my first box made it to my city but not to my place. The delivery service didn’t informed me that I can get my box at a certain delivery station and when I finally got the box (5days later!) most of the ingredients were rotten.  What a pitty and a bad start!

BUT(!) I got on the day a phone call from the hellofresh custumor service and I was really impressed! On the date of delivery day they received the information of late delivery and the called me up. They were fantastic! They talked to the delivery service, solved the problem and I got a voucher for my next box. Happy!

And this are the three meals which I got in my (next) box:

1. Satay with garlic beans

2. Jamie’s mint-couscous-salad with halloumi and zaziki

3. Mediterranean chickenbreast

HelloFresh meals come in a box, along with ice packs to keep food refrigerated (but not frozen). Meat and fish are packaged in vacuum-sealed bags.

Looking confident infront of all these ingredients. Each meal came with  a detailed recipe card that included color photos and easy-to-follow step-by-step cooking instructions.


The minimum order for HelloFresh serves two people. Since my sister joined us for dinner we prepared two dishes, the satay chicken and the couscous salad.

All ingredients are fresh. They were so easy and tender to cut and prepare and tasted FRESH.

Honestly speaking, we didn’t expect anything from the box. We had no experience in ordering meal kits but we were so amazed about the freshness and the good quality of the ingredients.

I love green

It looks so yummy and fresh!

Even my husband was curious about the concept “cooking out of a box” that he helped us!

My “hello” moment. It looks fantastic.

My personal opinion:

HelloFresh is a great service, I enjoyed the variety of meals.  I felt full and satisfied after each of the meals, and didn’t feel like I needed to add a salad or another side dish although it’s a little bit pricy instead of going to the grocery.

BUT I love the idea and I see it as a personal “treat” for myself or for my husband who’s also very busy. So when I’m out of town I order it for him so he is able to cook at least for himself (instead of keep on eating sandwiches and pizza!). What I really enjoyed, is, it takes all the mental prep out of dinner and the stress going to the grocery.

You just open the box and tataaaa!!! Everything what’s inside the box will be used, no waste of ingredients. And really, I must say, everything arrived fresh.

Three organized meals in box! Hey, life can be so easy and fresh.




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