DAVAO in my heart

I had yesterday a very great and tense commercial shoot and was really looking forward to have a cold beer in Kreuzberg/Berlin in Germany and just to enjoy the amazing view from a friends’ terrace. But things come always different than you have planned. 

I opened fb and checked the news and got a message if “I’m safe” because of an explosion in davao city. What does that mean “I’m safe”?!? What’s happening in my life, in my circle and my Philippine city? Meaning, what’s happening in my private circle twelve thousand kilometers away from Berlin?

First I thought of my parents who live in Davao. Second I checked on cnn Asia where the bomb explosion happened. And third, I remembered, just four months ago I was at the same place with friends and family. 

I was shocked, furious and sad. 

Of course I checked with all of them if they’re safe. And luckily yes. Happy to know for now but worried what will happen in the future. 

And in these last past hours I remembered something. 

In the last couple of years I always travelled to Mindanao and was listened to the Filipinos’ stories. Filipinos love fairytales and mythology. Since My family is from Davao City I know some stories. 

There are several tales from Mindanao, the second largest island in the Philippines. These tales were been handed from and to other people who believed in nature spirits. They respect and fear the spirits who watch over them. 

“The Philippine eagle”

The Philippine eagle is one of the country’s national treasure. It symbolizes the bravery, strengthness of the Filipino. 

This ferocious-looking bird stands over 3 feet (1 m) tall and can weigh up to 9 pounds (4 kg) — larger than a golden eagle. Bluish eyes, a large, sharp, curved beak, and a warlike headdress of spiky feathers, give the Philippine eagle a striking appearance.

People believe in his powers and his character. The Philippine eagle is monogamous. He always chooses one partner for his whole life. He never leaves his partner, never. And he takes care of the forest and watches over them.

I believe, most of the Davao people believe and characterize our new Philippine President Duterte is the Philippine eagle. And it’s a beautiful metaphoric way of thinking.

I would like to repost something what I found because it says everything:

“They attacked the Eagle’s territory while the Eagle is away protecting the whole forest.. And so the monkeys laughed, singing how weak the Eagle was, forgetting they’re all living in the forest the Eagle was protecting… Forgetting they’re all part of the reason why the Eagle left his home.”

REPOST. Alyssa Te

I am at a loss of words. I have no words to say or to describe what happened yesterday at the night market in Davao City. I’m sad, so sad. 


Philippines – Banaue: stairways to heaven 

This is the eighth wonder of the world…Men-Made-Terraces!

Amazing! This is the word what is mostly used for. Or Breathtaking. Or Happiness. Or just being thankful.

Ok it’s considered to be the 8th wonder but it’s not. But who cares.

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