On location recce for a commercial ad

I love my job! Really! Everytime I’m in a new project, I always meet new people and new locations. 

This time we were on location tour for a commercial ad for XXX. 

Since this project not yet on air, I can’t really tell who was our client. 

But this time it was quiet interesting. 

Berlin apartments are really unique. They just have they’re own taste and style. 

I’m always amazed and get a lot of inspiration for my flat. What can you copy, what kind of ideas can I include in my apartment? Or just take pictures and remember how people have different tastes. 

For example this apartments’ kitchen is made of wine boxes. The owner just build it higher and higher. And I think it looks very cool. 

This apartment is very artistic and well structured. It has everything in the right place, even when the owner decided to have it black painted. I love everything! 

And then this apartment is quiet empty but very stylish! Dark red velvet curtain and an old huge lamp from the movies. A glass wall separates the room from the other. Also great idea. Just not to forget to mention that the room with the lamp is the master bedroom and behind the glass wall is the dining area. Funny idea! 

The next apartment was very stylish. The next two pictures belong together. I loved very much the taste of the owner. Not too much furniture but well thought of. 

The director had a hard time to decide between these apartments but on the end a lot of different reasons came together and we shot at the last apartment. 

For filmmakers it’s not always their personal taste what depends on, it’s also the taste of the client and agency. Plus if the technic can also fit in the place. 

If you are thinking to rent out your place for filming always think about your personal stuff. Just a personal tip from my side. 

I really love my job. It’s always a honor to meet new places.